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Alhambra Investment Partners because we put YOU first in EVERY investment decision. We’ve eliminated all potential conflicts of interest from the investment equation to make sure that YOUR interests are protected. Alhambra is a registered investment adviser. The SEC defines investment adviser as “any person or firm that for compensation is engaged in the business of providing advice, making recommendations, issuing reports, or furnishing analyses on securities, either directly or through publications”....

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  • Chief investment strategist Jeffrey Snider guests on the Santelli Exchange
  • Chief investment strategist Jeffrey Snider guests on CNBC’s Street Signs
  • Chief investment strategist Jeffrey Snider guests on the Santelli Exchange
  • Ceo Joseph Y Calhoun guests on the Kudlow Report


  • 21Oct

    China’s Malaise Is Born In The USA

    by Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (1)
    First, the China Manufacturing “Flash” PMI had “markets” exhaling relief since an increase from 50.2 to 50.5 meant, Manufacturing Rebound Relieves Growth Concerns. A week later, however, that PMI increase disappeared as the final PMI...

    Significant Stagnation in Surveys

    by Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (0)
    To add another point to my earlier post on price changes and spending/revenue patterns, Gallup’s various economic polls show what I think are exactly the same problems. In the daily spending poll, the amount of...
  • 21Oct

    Less Than Burgers

    by Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (0)
    With all of the credit market fireworks that leaked into stocks, the pace of economic reassurance from “authorities” has been rather steady and a bit more emphatic. Despite the attempts at managing perceptions, there has...

    Back to Sleep

    by Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (0)
    The reason I have been characterizing the ECB’s actions since this summer as “desperate” is entirely due to the fact they are simply redoing things and expecting everyone to simply assume they are acting anew....
  • 19Oct

    A Closer Look: Market Cap

    by Marcelo Perez  Comments (0)
    After a slow, stubborn march forward to the 2000 level, the S&P 500 Cap-Weighted Index ((IVV) has broken down in the last couple of weeks. Although not exactly a surprise, the index broke both moving averages...
  • 19Oct

    Was That It?

    by Joseph Y. Calhoun  Comments (4)
    Stocks fell last week for the fourth week in a row and there was the whiff of panic mid-week. Despite that losing streak the S&P 500 is only 6% from its all time high but...
  • 17Oct

    No Hiding From Credit Now

    by Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (1)
    Yesterday, in the wake of some intense credit market drama, St. Louis Fed President James Bullard acknowledged the obvious. Quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Bullard showed just how upside down these “markets” have become....