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Alhambra Investment Partners because we put YOU first in EVERY investment decision. We’ve eliminated all potential conflicts of interest from the investment equation to make sure that YOUR interests are protected. Alhambra is a registered investment adviser. The SEC defines investment adviser as “any person or firm that for compensation is engaged in the business of providing advice, making recommendations, issuing reports, or furnishing analyses on securities, either directly or through publications”....

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  • Chief investment strategist Jeffrey Snider guests on the Santelli Exchange
  • Chief investment strategist Jeffrey Snider guests on CNBC’s Street Signs
  • Chief investment strategist Jeffrey Snider guests on the Santelli Exchange
  • Ceo Joseph Y Calhoun guests on the Kudlow Report


  • 20Apr

    China Literally Does It Again

    by Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (1)
    The fact that China did something will always be treated with hyperventilation, but lately that includes an almost bi-polar nature. Last week, the PBOC branch in Shanghai made what looked to be a “tightening” gesture...

    Currency Genocide; Or Let’s Kill It More

    by Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (2)
    There is an irreconcilable tension that lies at the heart of every “extraordinary” monetary policy. It isn’t something that is talked about much, and in fact it is steadfastly avoided as if these were two...
  • 20Apr

    Getting October 15 Right, Even to Crude

    by Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (1)
    It is becoming settled wisdom that the most dangerous aspects of any current financial contours are due almost entirely to some version of HFT or electronic trading. That is undoubtedly true, as far as it...

    A Closer Look: Commodities

    by Marcelo Perez  Comments (1)
    The GSCI Commodity Index ((GSG)) consists primarily of Energy, but also includes Agriculture, Industrial Metals, Livestock, and Precious Metals as part of its holdings. The index broke down during the month of July on the...
  • 19Apr

    A Canary In The Coal Mine?

    by Joseph Y. Calhoun  Comments (2)
    What does GE know that we don’t? That was my initial reaction to the news this week that GE is exiting the finance business that has provided it a seemingly endless stream of profits over...
  • 17Apr

    Blame GDP

    by Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (2)
    I think we are getting an even better sense of what might be the most ironclad law of orthodox economics. It seems as if there is a nonlinear proportionality between the desperation in which the...

    Home Construction Headwind

    by Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (1)
    The latest figures from the Census Bureau on home construction continue to suggest that the home sales number from last month was, at best, a one-off abnormality. If new home sales were heading appreciably higher...
  • 16Apr

    Swiss ‘Dollars’ In February

    by Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (1)
    I think it is interesting that the TIC data also provides some further confirmation about the Swiss participation in the January 15 version of the “dollar” problem. Of course, that still fits with the supercycle...

    Direct Evidence for the Supercycle

    by Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (7)
    When categorizing intuition about the real economy, it is often regarded as a combination of both structural and now cyclical problems. There was, as yet, no true recovery owing largely to factors that continue to...