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Our namesake is the Alhambra, a fortress in southern Spain dating back to 889.  For more than a thousand years people of different backgrounds and cultures have found refuge behind her walls.  It has provided safety and protection through centuries of social unrest, political uncertainty and natural disasters and today the Alhambra remains as strong as ever, a symbol of wealth and security.

Like this ancient citadel, our investment strategies are intended to stand the arduous test of time.  At Alhambra Investment Partners our goal is to achieve wealth and security for our clients.  Capital appreciation and capital preservation are both necessary for a successful investing outcome and our job is finding the balance between the two.

Safety. Security. Peace of mind. That’s the Alhambra Difference.


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Head of Global Investment Research, Jeffrey Snider guests on CNBC's Santelli Exchange - October 2, 2014


Sector Snapshot: Technology Leading

Joseph Y. Calhoun  Comments (1)
I haven’t posted on sector momentum since just after the Brexit vote because there hasn’t been much change. The most obvious change is that all sectors are now positive on a three month basis. Defensive...

What Yellen May Have Said

Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (1)
In case you need any assistance in trying to figure out when Janet Yellen spoke, or at least when the text of her speech was released from embargo, here is a hint: It seems her...

The Reckoning

Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (7)
As I have written many, many times, the “unexpected” events of January and February were a dramatic wake-up call for central banks. Last August’s global liquidation they could at least try to ignore because it...

As Summer Heats Up, So Does The Rhetoric

Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (0)
Today’s durable goods report was uniformly ugly, if not borderline atrocious. The view from especially capital goods, the vital investment that the US economy sorely needs to snap out of its slump, is that spring...