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Our namesake is the Alhambra, a fortress in southern Spain dating back to 889.  For more than a thousand years people of different backgrounds and cultures have found refuge behind her walls.  It has provided safety and protection through centuries of social unrest, political uncertainty and natural disasters, and today the Alhambra remains as strong as ever, an enduring symbol of wealth, prosperity, and security.

Like this ancient citadel, our investment strategy is intended to stand the arduous test of time.  At Alhambra Investments, our goal is to achieve wealth and security for our clients.  Capital appreciation and capital preservation are both key ingredients for a successful investing outcome and our job is finding the balance between the two.

Alhambra. A fortress against the market storms.


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Head of Global Investment Research, Jeffrey Snider guests on CNBC's Santelli Exchange.


No Flip Flop in Europe

Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (0)
Well, that clears that up. In case you missed it, back on June 27 Mario Draghi triggered the latest declared BOND ROUT!!! with what was characterized as a very upbeat economic assessment for Europe. And...

Why Might Hong Kong Still Be Interesting?

Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (0)
When the People’s Republic of China (PROC) was granted full UN status in 1971, everything was then set in motion. The successor to Chaing Kai-shek’s nationalist government in the Republic of China (ROC, or what...

Y2K Was Really The Great Uncertainty

Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (0)
In late 1999, the Federal Reserve established what was ostensibly an emergency credit facility. On October 1 that year, this offshoot of the Discount Window went live. Its main feature was that it was to...

The Plural of Anecdotes Is Beige

Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (0)
As noted before, the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book collection of local bank district anecdotes are fascinating for all the wrong reasons. What is revealed is not the state of the economy, but rather the state...


Joseph Y. Calhoun  Comments (9)
Why is inflation ex-food and energy considered core? Isn’t food and gas about as core as it gets for most people? Why do economists think it is important to stabilize the price of luxuries but...