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Our namesake is the Alhambra, a fortress in southern Spain dating back to 889.  For more than a thousand years people of different backgrounds and cultures have found refuge behind her walls.  It has provided safety and protection through centuries of social unrest, political uncertainty and natural disasters, and today the Alhambra remains as strong as ever, an enduring symbol of wealth, prosperity, and security.

Like this ancient citadel, our investment strategy is intended to stand the arduous test of time.  At Alhambra Investments, our goal is to achieve wealth and security for our clients.  Capital appreciation and capital preservation are both key ingredients for a successful investing outcome and our job is finding the balance between the two.

Alhambra. A fortress against the market storms.


News and Media

Head of Global Investment Research, Jeffrey Snider guests on CNBC's Santelli Exchange.


Sentimental Inflationary Reflation

Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (0)
Sentiment surveys such as the ISM’s Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index are not strictly about current levels of production. Even if they were, they still wouldn’t be as straightforward as is presented. Rather, the ISM index...

Retail Sales Still In The Green

Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (1)
It would be easier if we could just know the right amount of oil futures backwardation. The literal answer for the question of what’s the correct level is the curve’s shape at any given moment...