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Our namesake is the Alhambra, a fortress in southern Spain dating back to 889.  For more than a thousand years people of different backgrounds and cultures have found refuge behind her walls.  It has provided safety and protection through centuries of social unrest, political uncertainty and natural disasters, and today the Alhambra remains as strong as ever, an enduring symbol of wealth, prosperity, and security.

Like this ancient citadel, our investment strategy is intended to stand the arduous test of time.  At Alhambra Investments, our goal is to achieve wealth and security for our clients.  Capital appreciation and capital preservation are both key ingredients for a successful investing outcome and our job is finding the balance between the two.

Alhambra. A fortress against the market storms.


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Head of Global Investment Research, Jeffrey Snider guests on CNBC's Santelli Exchange.


TIC Confirms Pretty Much Everything

Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (0)
The Russian ruble has fared far and away much better than its EM peers. Compared to something like the Brazilian real, there is no comparison. The ruble has been relatively steady following an initial drop...

Mid-Year Global Markets Update

Joseph Y. Calhoun  Comments (0)
Volatility returned to markets with a vengeance in the first half of this year. 2018 started off as an extension of last year when volatility was almost wholly absent. Stocks roared out of the starting...

Falling Starts

Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (0)
Home construction estimates are notoriously variable. They can change oftentimes by a substantial amount on a month-by-month basis, and the numbers are just as frequently subject to serious revisions in the short run. Still, we...

Is Subprime Contained?

Jeffrey P. Snider  Comments (0)
Jerome Powell will make his fourth required appearance of 2018 on Capitol Hill today. The Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1978 required a great many things when it was passed forty years ago,...