2007 April

This is a Problem?

The WSJ has an article about a conundrum facing the Bank of Japan. The Japanese economy is expanding but deflation remains persistent (prices are falling again). Apparently this is viewed as a problem: Still, such weakness in prices would make it difficult for the Bank of Japan to raise interest rates. Raising interest rates too .. read more

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Abolish the Federal Reserve

As long time readers know, I have no love for the Federal Reserve. When you give a bank the monopoly on printing money, well, that’s what they will do. That the Federal Reserve’s official policy is to maintain an inflation rate says a lot about the purpose of the bank. Our government issues debt and .. read more

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This story comes courtesy of Opinion Journal, the WSJ daily blog by James Taranto. Mark Mellman, writing in The Hill, opines that the Democrats have wrested control of the tax isssue from Republicans. As most of you know, I am a libertarian so I don’t have much use for either of the major parties, but .. read more

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