Market Research

Alhambra Investments provides free unbiased market research for subscribers and browsers alike.

If you’d like to learn more about the markets and the economy, explore alternative assets to invest in, or get an in-depth look at our valuable market commentary and research, click on the links below.

Market Commentary: We provide commentary on the global markets and various sectors, as well as our outlook for the economy in the short and long-term.

Technical Analysis: We provide complete technical analysis of a wide range of stocks and ETFs, from the 9 sectors of the US and global economies to the volatile currencies of the world. In our analysis, we focus on two widely-used indicators, the moving averages and point-and-figure charts, and we supplement our findings with the S&P ratings for each security. The point-and-figure analysis of the 30 Dow stocks is presented here for you.

Economic Indicators: We track and analyze key economic reports. These reports are updated on a daily basis, and come complete with charts, graphs, and immediate, in-depth analysis.

Third Party Research: We post links to other research from around the web. You’d be surprised what you can find for free out there if you’re willing to look.

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