Creating Jobs

The WSJ has a story about the Obama administration’s efforts to create jobs:

Hamstrung by the nation’s $1.4 trillion deficit and his pledge not to raise taxes on middle-class Americans, Mr. Obama is keen to avoid any measures suggestive of a second, big-ticket stimulus. With about half of the February stimulus spending spoken for, the measure has created about 640,000 jobs, fewer than the number of jobs lost in January alone.

“There is no discussion of a package like a second stimulus, but we are working closely with Congress and consulting with outside experts to determine the right policies and the right steps,” said White House deputy press secretary Jennifer Psaki.

Working closely with Congress and consulting outside experts. Well there’s two mistakes right off the bat. Congress surely knows zero about creating jobs and outside experts sounds suspiciously like economists who have sold their souls for the opportunity to mingle with Democratic politicians. How about asking a business person about what is necessary to create jobs? My guess is because they wouldn’t like the answer – stop raising the cost of hiring by placing ever more mandates on business.

Here’s another jewell from Pelosi:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week said ideas under discussion in the House included a tax on a variety of financial transactions. Democrats estimate such a tax could raise as much as $150 billion a year, a pool of money that could help offset the cost of a job-growth package.

Here’s a clue about creating jobs. If your first thought is to create a new tax of any kind, you are on the wrong track.

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