IPad to be Sold In Best Buy?

There are rumors that the new Apple IPad will be sold in Best Buy stores when it comes out:

Apple’s iPad introduction was heralded by many as the redefinition of the tablet PC, but in reality, as we pointed out, it’s less a computer than it is a large iPhone. Still, people want to get their hands on the device, now, and thus these iPad BestBuy rumors.

While there’s no confirmation of the rumor, there’s no reason to doubt that BestBuy may eventually sell the iPad. After all, BestBuy sells the iPhone. However, iPad BestBuy rumors over date are more in doubt.

The iPad BestBuy rumors, some say, point to an in-store release of early March or even late February. There are quite a few reasons that that makes no sense at all.

Best Buy does sell the I Phone so this makes some sense but this is way premature. My contacts tell me that the Apple stores don’t even know yet when the devices will be available. Could it help Best Buy stock? Well, considering recent performance it sure couldn’t hurt, but Apple stock took a beating last week after the announcement so there appears to be some initial disappointment with device. Apple stock is not cheap but if it falls much more, it will be tempting. As for Best Buy, well the stock is at support and may be good for a trade but I’m not crazy about retailers for the long term.

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