2011 January

Weekly Economic and Market Review

Clueless. That’s the word that kept creeping into my mind all last week. Private jets ferried the rich and well connected to Davos, Switzerland so they could meet the rest of the rich and well connected. Clueless. Hosni Mubarek fired his cabinet and replaced them with a different set of cronies that failed to satisfy .. read more

Weekly Economic and Market Review

I’ve been worried about the US economy for some time now and particularly about the high unemployment rate, but I feel so much better now. Last week, President Obama named Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, to head his Economic Recovery Advisory Board. No wait, that’s what it was called when Paul Volcker was .. read more

Drop the Wii-mote and Hit the Books

Good post by Hunter Richards at Software Advice on how technology affects inequality and unemployment: Got a teen playing Wii instead of doing homework? You might want to share this post. Despite the tremendous benefits of information technology (IT), it comes at a human cost – the displacement of less-skilled employees. As software and systems .. read more

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Dollar Based Inflation in Emerging Markets

Guest post from friend of Alhambra David Gitlitz: The inflationary consequences of eroding dollar purchasing power are coming home to roost in several Asian emerging market economies. The monetary authorities in these countries intervened heavily to keep their currencies from appreciating against a depreciating dollar and protect their export economies. The effect was to drag .. read more

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Weekly Economic and Market Review

Did you know that the Indian stock market is down 11.6% just since the beginning of the year and 17% since it’s peak in early November? Did you know the Indonesian market also took a double digit swan dive to start the year? Chile and Peru, too? Did you know that Brazil’s market has made .. read more

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