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US Economy at a Glance

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Expect More Employed People Soon

As part of the “stimulus” passed as a result of the great recession, unemployment benefits were extended to 99 weeks via the Federal government. Those extended benefits are now coming to an end (via the NYT): Hundreds of thousands of out-of-work Americans are receiving their final unemployment checks sooner than they expected, even though Congress .. read more

Thinking Things Over: Remembering Milton Friedman in the Torpor of 1980

Thinking Things Over       May 28, 2012 Volume II, Number 21: Remembering Milton Friedman in the Torpor of 1980   By John L. Chapman, Ph.D.         Washington, D.C. Amidst continuing nervousness about the Eurozone and slower global growth, political debate in the U.S. is centered around the best path forward to return to sustainable prosperity.  The Wall .. read more

A Closer Look: Market Cap

In the last update, the S&P 500 Cap-Weighted Index was at a crossroads. Well, the index proceeded to break support at the 50-day Moving Average before testing the 200-day. The index has returned 11.87% so far this year. The S&P 500 Equal-Weighted index ((RSP)) is set up so that every stock in the index has .. read more

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Saying No!

Guest post from friend of Alhambra, Brian Cronin: Greece has to be the only country in the world that actually celebrates the beginning of a war rather than the end of it as its national day. On October 28th 1940, Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas rejected an ultimatum from Italian Ambassador Emanuele Grazzi to allow Axis .. read more

A Welter Of Worries

It is said that bull markets climb a wall of worry but if that were true, then Wall and Broad should look like downtown Pamplona in July with market bears gored, trampled, spindled, mutilated and wrapped around the buttonwood tree. The list of worries for investors seems to grow by the day with slowing Chinese .. read more

Alhambra Research Note: The Impact of Fiscal Policy on the Stock Market and the Economy

By John L. Chapman, Ph.D.      Washington, D.C.       May 28, 2012 The current debate in Washington over fiscal policy parallels that of the Presidential campaign: how do taxes and government spending affect the economy?  Does more spending “grow” the economy, as modern-day Keynesians suggest?  Can progressive tax increases benignly cut any government deficit?  Both theory and .. read more

Recuerdos De Espana

Guest post from friend of Alhambra, Brian Cronin: I could have called this essay “The Pain in Spain”, but there are so many pieces lamely playing on the “My Fair Lady” song that I decided to be a little more esoteric. In 1896, Francisco Tarrega wrote a wonderful piece of music for the guitar called .. read more

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