The Alhambra fortress in southern Spain dates back to 889, spanning centuries of political and economic turmoil. This ancient citadel remains an enduring symbol of prosperity, security and strategy. At Alhambra Investments we seek to create informed portfolio strategies that, like the Alhambra, stand the test of time. We are best known for our in-depth research and analysis of financial markets, particularly around emerging risks that could threaten investors. However, just as important to us, as providing you with superior research-based strategies is putting your goals and priorities first. We think our success is due to combining insights with ethics.

Partnering with our clients is an Alhambra imperative. We believe that knowing our clients is the foundation of a strong partnership which often spans decades and multiple generations. We are in a service business, and serving you, needs to be at the center of everything we do. That doesn’t mean we are always in agreement, but it does mean we provide honest counsel centered on securing your prosperity. Ongoing dialogue is essential to maintaining an appropriate portfolio, one matched to your risk tolerance and current, dynamic circumstances.

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Alhambra Investments, founded in 2006, is a registered investment adviser. Our CEO and founder, Joe Calhoun envisioned a company dedicated to serving individual investors with honesty, integrity and compelling expertise. Alhambra is a team of highly accomplished investment professionals with over 100 years of combined experience. We have been involved in all aspects of the investment industry including compliance, research, trading and institutional portfolio management. We currently manage over $150 million for individuals, corporations and some charitable foundations.

As your trusted partner, Alhambra adheres to the fiduciary standards of loyalty and prudence. We practice those standards by putting your interests ahead of ours and adhering to the Prudent Man Rule. A common law principle since 1830, the Prudent Man Rule dictates how we approach investing your funds. Fiduciaries must “observe how men of prudence, discretion, and intelligence manage their own affairs” and act accordingly. This fiduciary rule is the highest ethical standard for investment professionals.

We are not brokers of investment products and do not receive commissions. We are compensated by you, our clients, to provide unbiased, conflict-free investment advice. We focus on research and process to produce investment strategies that deliver security and prosperity. You can learn more about our research and services off the main menu links or you can click on the links below to read about our team, recent news items featuring Alhambra and to view our firm brochure.