About Jeffrey P. Snider

Jeff is the Head of Global Research at Alhambra. Though his work makes it sound like he is an economist, he is no such thing. Rather, through intense personal study he has developed a very different sense of especially the hidden inner workings of the global monetary system - beginning with the fact that it is a global money system. With a very unique starting point, Alhambra's research truly begins in a way that no one else's does.

Eurodollar University Collateral; May 29 – We Know Who It Wasn’t

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At one time, economics actually cared about eurodollars. Maybe it was because the thing was so new, it was a hot, sexy topic, the kind of strange and unusual deviation from the norm that can grasp someone’s attention and hold it. Perhaps it was the way in which it all began, an entire monetary system [...]

Eurodollar University Toronto; Hierarchy, Money, and Consequences

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Eleven years apparently isn't near enough. For the occasion of yet another year passing since August 9, 2007, and nothing much having been done about it, in partnership with MacroVoices I published a second series of Eurodollar University. Whereas Season One focused on the history and buildup of shadow money, where it came from and [...]

Monetary Hierarchy, Independence, And Shaming Greenspan Yet Again

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In June 2003, while discussing the vote that would take the federal funds rate to its then-lowest point, 1%, Alan Greenspan committed what may have been the greatest monetary sin of modern times. The focus for much of the discussion was Japan, that country’s central bank pioneering at that early date all the things the [...]

Synchronized Again?

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Last year around this time, the tropics provided some unintentional basis for what would become hysteria. Hurricane Harvey by soaking a major metropolitan area with a biblical amount of rainfall delighted Keynesians everywhere. So much destruction, so much economic growth potential on the rebuild. Then Irma flirted with the Gulf Coast spine of Florida for [...]

Housing Slump Continues

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The National Association of Realtors (NAR) today picks right up where we left off yesterday. The Census Bureau had reported another month suggesting a rough spot in real estate. More recent housing data isn’t encouraging, either. The lower the unemployment rate goes, the main emphasis of this “boom”, the worse the housing market becomes; not [...]

We Don’t Have A Debt Problem, It’s ‘Something’ Else

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Too much debt. Deleveraging. The debate over the “right” size of the credit market isn’t going to be solved. Like it or not, the US and world economy has been propelled by debt for a century. The domestic credit market’s highest growth rates are found not during the housing bubble of the 2000’s but during [...]

Brazil Money Math

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On June 10, 2013, Brazil’s central bank announced an allotment of 40,000 currency swap contracts at auction. This was the second operation carried out in short order that month, following weakness in the real, Brazil’s currency (BRL), against the dollar. In order to forestall any further declines, central bank intervention has long been a frontline [...]