The Fortress Portfolio is Alhambra’s original asset allocation strategy developed at the turn of the century. You can read the story of how and why the Fortress Portfolio was developed here.

  • Minimum investment of just $25,000
  • Low cost: 0.40% annual management fee
  • A strategic, passive investment portfolio of ETFs
  • Superior, multiple asset class approach produces consistent returns
  • Low volatility compared to stock/bond only allocations
  • Allocation to real assets to protect purchasing power
  • Validated by 45 years of performance research analysis

The Fortress portfolio functions well as a core strategy for cost conscious investors. Multiple risk based versions are available to fit your profile. For investors who prefer a goals-based approach, the Fortress is a good choice for long term, high priority objectives.

Additional benefits of having an Alhambra account:

  • Orion client portal includes:
  • Exclusive client only research
  • Performance tracking
  • Asset allocation tracking
  • Ability to aggregate and track non-Alhambra accounts
  • Text alerts relevant to your account
  • Dedicated Alhambra contact person
  • Periodic access to Joe Calhoun, Jeff Snider and Margie Fernandez
  • Special client events

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Portfolio Asset Classes

The Fortress Portfolio is a passive portfolio utilizing multiple asset classes:

  • Large Cap Stocks 
  • Small Cap Stocks 
  • Real Estate 
  • Commodities 
  • Bonds 

We have constructed 5 versions of this portfolio, based on risk tolerance:


Portfolio Performance Statistics 

Original US Version:

Global Version:

International Version:

Annual Returns (Moderate US Version):

Since 1972, this strategic allocation has only suffered four down years: 1974,1994, 2008 and 2015.


Portfolio Implementation

The three versions of the Fortress Portfolio are implemented using ETFs.

Original US Version:

Global Version:

International Version: