CEO and founder Joe Calhoun boasts a long and distinguished career in the investment industry. Yet if you want to understand Alhambra Investments it is best to start with Joe’s first career in the US Navy Nuclear Submarine Service. In the investment industry and when running a nuclear reactor it is vitally important to have repeatable and proven processes. It’s also extremely important to measure and manage risks. Meltdown – of a portfolio or a reactor – is not an acceptable outcome. Our intense focus on building proven processes and strategies that can manage risk sets us apart.

To build strategies that deliver safety and prosperity for investors in a sometimes risky world requires us to understand the constantly evolving intricacies of financial markets. You will see evidence of how seriously we engage in our pursuit of risk analysis and research-based strategies in almost everything we do. Nor is the military theme of the Alhambra or Joe’s first career a coincidence. Honor, integrity and professionalism are equally important aspects of our investment philosophy. We believe we are duty-bound to give you the best strategic counsel possible.

We invite you to peruse the extensive real time research found on our blog. The Alhambra Research page below provides some helpful links to some of our recurring research posts as well as research on some of the tactical tools we use to manage our portfolios.