The Changing Tides

This past weekend saw many occasions around the world mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx. Rather than lament the rise of one of the most destructive influences of the modern world, most if not all were quite celebratory. The much-loved philosopher, especially in academic circles, has for his followers given them…


Some Hope Amidst The Countdown

In October, YouGov partnered with the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation to conduct the latter’s annual poll on US attitudes towards socialism. There was, as usual, some good and bad news contained within the results. The number of overall Americans who believe communism was and is still a problem, for example, rose 5 points to…


What Was Old Has Been Made New Again (by the ‘recovery’)

On November 14, 1939, Israel Amter thundered to his large gathered audience that Josef Stalin was “the greatest leader and statesman of our time.” Not content with one mere exaggeration, Amter continued with the undisguised rhetoric, calling Stalin also “the wisest man on the face of the earth.” This wasn’t all that surprising given that…


Chinese Clarify China Recalculation

It still seems to be a matter of contention, but even the Chinese government may be seeking to clarify its “reform” stance in light of the orthodox baseline trying to reconcile the downward trajectory of the Chinese economy. That itself was somehow a great task, as all last year the narrative was, as the US,…

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It may just be fitting that today is May Day, the old remembrance of the once “great” destructive force of international communism. Of course, it still resonates largely because its proponents view it from the standpoint of actual purity. Stalin, you see, never really practiced it; as such it has supposedly never really been tried….


Bouncing Rubble

The Keynesian revival that is currently underway in the backrooms and hallways of assorted world governments is being somewhat replicated in Europe this week. It is all predicated on the position that all previous forms of “stimulus” from the fiscal side were not the right size, composition or color for that matter and thus the…