Waiting For Earnings To Correct? Q1 And Forward EPS Update

EPS estimates are always in the practice of falling over time, so that natural process should be considered when comparing across the movement of the calendar. That said, however, earnings continue to defy projections of a rebound. This is not to say that analysts aren’t expecting one, only that the expectation keeps pushing further out…


Yes, Trauma

Economists will not remove themselves from seeing the economy as it “should be” rather than take it for what it is (and what that actually means). They have latched their narrative to the idea that it is you who has the perception problem no matter how isolated the “recovery” becomes. There never was much indication…


There Is Significance In IBM’s Astonishing ‘Achievement’

By now most people have given up on IBM. I don’t mean that they have dismissed the company as a dinosaur on its way to extinction but rather it has been pulled down from the Pantheon of bellwethers, no longer important in helping us determine the actual state of the US and global economy derived…

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2015 Caused An Earnings Rift, Too

As the major stock indices overtake or threaten psychological round numbers again (S&P 500 2,100; DJIA 18,000), they have done so with the same problem as occurred in 2015. Stocks have been overvalued for some time in historical comparison especially after QE3 and QE4, but it was supposed to be in anticipation of the full…


Bubble Cycle Inefficiency And Valuations

Last week the Federal Reserve updated its quarterly Financial Accounts of the United States Z1 (formerly Flow of Funds) meaning that we can recheck valuation levels of the stock bubble from alternate points of view (data). The most common valuation given by the report is Tobin’s Q which compares the estimated value of corporate equities…


Earnings Follow Recession, Stock Prices Still On Yellen’s Version

Just a few weeks ago FactSet was reporting analysts’ estimates for Q1 2016 EPS were looking to be a 6.9% decline year-over-year. Their latest update now suggests -8.0%, as the deterioration in earnings outlook is becoming the most significant part of the trend. During the first two months of Q1 2016, analysts lowered earnings estimates…


7 Macro-Drivers for Capital Markets in 2016

Global Growth Recession risks are low and growth should improve in 2016. Excess supply is especially apparent in the raw materials/commodities sectors. This state of overcapacity/supply and a strong dollar combined from 2014-2015 to create an environment of falling prices and sluggish growth in global manufacturing. The services sector continues to perform well. Continued expansion in the…

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Not A Done Deal

Last week’s employment report raised the odds of a December rate hike considerably and the consensus at this point seems to be that it is a done deal. The employment report was pretty good with the unemployment rate down to 5%, 271,000 jobs added and a pay hike to boot. Year over year average hourly…


The Weekly Snapshot

Top News Headlines Obama sticks a fork in Keystone after company withdraws request. Valeant troubles continue; CEO sells stock after margin call. Bill Ackman having a very bad month. DOJ ratchets up scrutiny of drug pricing. Seeking information from MRK, LLY and, of course, VRX. Berkshire Hathaway’s profit more than doubles; other earnings news last…


It All Went So Quickly

It seems a very long way from here, but it was only December 23rd when the economy was taken as “booming.” That was the day that excited economists under direct confirmation, allegedly, that this time was different. The Commerce Department had reported Q3 GDP up to 5%, raising estimates for business investment and consumer spending….