A Different Look Behind The Retail Apocalypse

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Even the apocalypse is a process that takes time. Like a financial crash that isn’t really a condensed all-at-once occurrence, the retail industry’s long-described reset has for another year reached even greater proportions in 2018. It’s not clear when the term first showed up, but by now it is a mainstream staple. No article on [...]

Aligning Politics To economics

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There is no argument that the New Deal of the 1930’s completely changed the political situation in America, including the fundamental relationship of the government to its people. The way it came about was entirely familiar, a sense from among a large (enough) portion of the general population that the paradigm of the time no [...]

A Southerly Reminder That The Clock Is Ticking

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The cruelest part, perhaps, of this economic condition globally is how it plays against type. In all prior cycles, economies of all kinds and orientations all over the globe would go into recession and then bounce right of it once at the bottom. It was often difficult to see the bottom, of course, but once [...]

There’s A Lot of Relevant History In Going To The Bond Market

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For Ben Bernanke, characterizing a successful tenure is exceedingly hard. Afterward writing a memoir about his time at the Fed, however, made such a task a necessary one. Given so few options from which to define his legacy, the former Chairman decided very carefully about how to frame his efforts. And still all he could [...]

Another Word Degraded By Depression: Reflation In 2016 Doesn’t Actually Mean Reflation

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Dating all the way back to February 11 and the Chinese turn on the “dollar”, the eurodollar futures curve had been stuck in a relatively narrow range. That trading band was widened a bit in June before and after Brexit (related to CNY’s regular mid-year drop), with futures on the whole curve bid up to [...]