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Collateral Silos And The Deflationary Gold Rush

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It was never really all that much. The best that might have been said was that it was a pause in the building of renewed deflationary pressures. The dollar had “risen” again especially in April and May, but then traded sideways through July. It wasn’t a rebound or even much that was positive, just less [...]

August 9, 2018; Debut of Eurodollar University Season 2

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On August 9, 2007, the eurodollar system cracked. Over the eleven years since that day, the crack has only become enlarged. No amount of QE nor the bank reserves those produced has been able to patch the system back up into functioning condition. The thing lingers on, limping forward through small ups and more serious [...]

The Remarkable And Lengthy Consistency of Repo

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Before August 2007, US$ money markets operated efficiently and predictably. They behaved according to a rigid hierarchy, which is a good thing no matter how it may sound. This inflexibility in the context of funding markets was exactly what we would want. Arbitrage opportunity was responsible for enforcing the rules. One simple example was the [...]

Bank Reserves Appendix; One Additional Case Study

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Early last month, Deutsche Bank replaced one CEO pledged to paring back the bank’s ailing franchise with another committed to doing the same thing only more quickly. As I wrote at the time, “Cryan isn’t being ousted because he was wrong, but because he was right.” In comes Christian Sewing whose plans are starting to [...]

Bank Reserves Part 2; If QE Was Really QT, Then Why Hasn’t QT Been QE?

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Since we’ve already cracked open the accounting, it makes some sense to take our example into an important corollary examination (if you haven’t yet, you’ll need to read through Part 1). In our prior examples, we’ve assumed that the swap of risk-free assets on Bank A’s asset side is a neutral trade. That is, there [...]

Bank Reserves Part 1; The Great Tease

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I completely understand the confusion regarding bank reserves. I really do. It’s easy to believe they are money because that’s what you’ve been taught from Day 1. Not only that, the same message is carelessly reinforced in the media every single time QE or any LSAP is referenced. Bank reserves are the aftermath of money [...]

EURODOLLAR UNIVERSITY: What Are Reserves To A Modern, Wholesale Money System?

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It's actually quite difficult to answer the question posed in the title, which in itself is a clue. What we know for sure is what does not count as reserves for a non-reservable currency system. It's that contradiction that sets off the often graphic misconceptions. Quantitative easing has been described as printing money. That’s certainly [...]