TIC For July 2018: June Was Even Bigger Than We Thought, Meaning May 29

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You never quite know what you’re going to get with each monthly update. High frequency data tends to be noisy anyway, more so in the more exotic series. Following a month where something really changes, however, you aren’t quite sure if it will turn out to be nothing more than a phantom. Does last month’s [...]

Prefiguring The Expected Expectations Fail

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The Boston Fed held its 62nd Annual Economic Conference over the weekend. Not quite as well-known as the KC Fed’s Jackson Hole symposium, this Eastern branch’s meeting still attracts many big-name speakers. The “right” speakers, that is, meaning academic and mainstream bank Economists, supranational think tank thinkers, as well as current and former central bankers. [...]

Japan’s Not Really A Domino, Though The Timing Is Right

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This year is just different. Increasingly so. Not just in one or two places, either, but in way too many places. In Japan, for instance, real Household Spending rose by the smallest amount in July, according to the latest estimates from Statistics Japan. In 2017, this would have been a worrisome sign. In 2018, it [...]

Reflation Rollover Japan

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I was going to write that there was bad news out of Japan last night, but is there really any other kind? I know that from time to time Japan’s various rebounds over the years are characterized as the greatest economic achievements in human history, but by and large very few outside the media actually [...]

Global Asset Allocation Update

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The risk budget is unchanged again this month. For the moderate risk investor, the allocation between bonds and risk assets is evenly split. The only change to the portfolio is the one I wrote about last week, an exchange of TIP for SHY. Interest rates are on the rise again, the 10-year Treasury yield punching [...]

TIC Confirms Pretty Much Everything

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The Russian ruble has fared far and away much better than its EM peers. Compared to something like the Brazilian real, there is no comparison. The ruble has been relatively steady following an initial drop in April with the imposition of sanctions. April 19 came and went, and while that date is displayed prominently across [...]