The Real Euro Watch

Everyone is now a euro watcher. The European common currency’s exchange value against the dollar has been on the rise, to put it mildly. Despite decades of declaring floating currencies the optimal framework, it really is quite entertaining to watch the furor when these things actually float one way or the other. This recent trend…

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Draghi Did Not Keep His Promise

It is like a great many things forgotten now, but five years ago today the head of the ECB compared Europe to a bumblebee. That’s not quite right, however, as Mario Draghi really said the euro was like a bumblebee, but you’d be forgiven for mixing the two up. The purpose of his folksy analogy…


The Product of NIRP: Exposing Psuedo-Science

It wasn’t the introduction of statistics that led to the dire state of “science”, rather it was the jettison of common sense in favor of, and the total deference to, statistics. This was not a single event or a clean break, of course, as it happened slowly over decades. But in the 21st century what…


The Benefits Already Sparse On The Plus Side, Europe Flirts With Widespread NIRP

Unilever is a rather typical multinational conglomerate trying to weather this “recovery” as best as it can. It is, of course, quite jarring to realize that any business so positioned might have to “weather” any recovery, but that is the state that they are presented with. Reporting Q1 results last week, the company improved slightly…


Shampoo Policy

Calculated “inflation” in Europe disappointed again in March, as for the second month in a row the HICP rate was below zero. There had been some hope after the German version turned just slightly positive that it would herald a different sign for the rest of Europe. Instead, inflation rates in other places were mostly…


Now We Know Why the ECB Panicked

The only immediate silver lining may be in the end the most fruitful of long-term prospects. Central bankers have done us a profound favor by overplaying their hand time and again. The catalog of false statements and expectations is long and getting longer. The ECB then assured “us” that this was different and that the…


Not Even Secondary Inflation

At first economists wanted to just ignore oil prices, as they were to be “transitory” or even beneficial to consumers everywhere around the world. The fact that economists would actually admit that low oil prices would be helpful (in a vacuum, they are) showed only the desperation given the seriousness of the “unexpected” surrender. Mainstream…


How Many Ways Can We Prove It Doesn’t Work

So thorough is the unwinding, they don’t know what to do about it. By “they” I mean policymakers, economists, the media, etc. For years, monetarism has been described as money printing, therefore all that was necessary was just the threat. Then the events of August 2007 intruded, and what was implicit became explicit. Central banks…