Cash Does Not Mean Capex, IBM Edition

Related to yesterday’s observations about corporate cash, the broken record of IBM revenue continues to demonstrate the unwillingness of American businesses to freely spend on capex. While attention continues to focus on China and Asian results, not without good reason, the domestic and larger “Americas” segment continues to drag. Revenue in China is down 20% .. read more

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Staples Disaster Offers At Least The Potential For Competing Explanations

There is undoubtedly a high degree of resistance to the idea that the economy is slowing, or, much worse, has already slowed considerably. For the most part, counter explanations (more narratives than evidence) revolve around the silly to absurd – snow, cold, government shutdown, etc. Office retailer Staples’ latest announcement of a sales disaster, however, .. read more

Shrinking Is The Basis For Recovery Expectations

There is a growing incongruence in the mainstream narrative as it relates to the rather sunny and sanguine dispositions of current economic expectations. By now you have heard that 2014 is set to be “the year”, for once finally breaking free of all those mysterious “headwinds” that have cast asunder all the best laid plans .. read more

Where Have All The Bellwethers Gone?

The term “bellwether” is derived from Middle English and the practice of placing a bell on a castrated ram (wether) as he led his flock from place to place. That way, no matter the weather or topography, a shepherd would have a good idea where the flock was located and where they were going by .. read more

Corporate Revenues Back To Low Point

Going back to the snow debunking from earlier today, the primary impediment to wider economic expansion outside of bifurcation and artificial monetary channels is income and employment. Mainstream commentary aside, employment has been mostly atrocious for some time. The clear divergence between the Establishment Survey and the Household Survey, both from the BLS, establishes that .. read more

No Second Half CAT Magic

Following up on yesterday’s inflection narrative, Caterpillar seems to have fallen prey to the same blindspot as economists. Everything with regard to economics and the economy is always assumed to move in a straight-line, forever. Linearity is a feature of the predictive economic model, and it is such an obvious weakness. In the earning’s release .. read more

It Simply Doesn’t Add Up

Second quarter preliminary GDP estimates were revised upward over the advance estimate, from 1.7% to 2.5%. Based on trade data released in the past month, this is not much of a surprise, though the size of the revision is somewhat larger than expected. Of course, because the purchase of imported goods (and a few services) .. read more

Earnings And Sales Continue To Run Below Great Recession

Last week it was Target’s turn to turn in a disappointing quarterly report. While being quite unique in blaming Canada, even the results in the US segment were lackluster, at best. Earnings expectations for the fiscal year were dimmed back in May, from a range of $4.85 to $5.05 down to $4.70 to $4.90. The .. read more