BOND ROUT!!!! (Now With Additional Exclamations)

Ten years ago today, one of Carlyle Group’s mortgage funds, Carlyle Capital Corp (CCC), was seized by creditors. Precipitated by dwindling liquidity, the fund’s effective insolvency would amplify those global “dollar” pressures and lead to Bear Stearns’ untimely demise mere days later. The fund’s corporate parent issued a statement on March 6, 2008, that read:…


What We Are After

I am a long-term optimist by nature. Stop laughing. I am well aware I have attained a reputation as something of a permabear, but that is merely the consequence of the time period in which we inhabit. Read some of the things I wrote in 2009 (and even in early 2010) and you might think…


Why It’s The ‘Money’ Stupid

When grounded in the framework of traditional banking, wholesale dynamics can be quite confusing to the point of being impenetrable. Nowhere is that more the case than the wholesale ideas of currency and what counts for establishing chains of traded liabilities. In the traditional banking/monetary framework, everything is reducible to money; all else are just…