The Great Risk of So Many Dinosaurs

The Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee (TBAC) was established a long time ago in the maelstrom of World War II budgetary as well as wartime conflagration. That made sense. To fight all over the world, the government required creative help in figuring out how to sell an amount of bonds it hadn’t needed (in proportional terms)…


Some Hope Amidst The Countdown

In October, YouGov partnered with the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation to conduct the latter’s annual poll on US attitudes towards socialism. There was, as usual, some good and bad news contained within the results. The number of overall Americans who believe communism was and is still a problem, for example, rose 5 points to…


The Age of Voodoo

The Jackson Hole gathering may end up providing at least some clarification, but not even close to the manner in which everyone seems intent on inferring. With Janet Yellen’s notable absence, there isn’t the same sort of celebrity about what would have been the media hanging upon every word; that is, after all, what the…


How Can It Be Anything Else?

The oft-leveled charge against politicians in DC is that they are “out of touch.” Such desultory description is often deserved, however, so it isn’t really cliché so much as connecting republican (small “r”) values through time. In the case of the 2015 economy, however, the idea that the economists sitting on the FOMC board (and…

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Agitating For A More Informed Inflation

There are numerous problems created by asset bubbles and many more as a result of a series of them. The financial system becomes highly destabilized, especially as authorities and policymaking bodies misunderstand them to the point of determined stasis rather than courting necessary evolution and reform, which in turn has the same effect on the…


Santa Claus in Sweden

Just a few weeks ago the Swedish central bank, Riksbank, was being lauded for its courage and action in finally embracing QE as the ECB had done. The deflation problem in Sweden had been, so it is asserted, seemingly intractable and thus forcing the monetary hand once more. Riksbank has never been shy about fine-tuning…

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What Comes Next; Part 2, The Looming Transformation

Part 1 is here, the history of defining systemic operation since 1907. The quest over equality or the “right” to impose optimal outcomes is one that cannot go backward. The inevitable failures lead no duty to re-assess overall, but only the means by which the results are to be commanded. That was the essence of…


What Comes Next; Part 1, Useful History of the 20th Century

Value as a foundation seems almost too literal to be an economic or financial concept, but it is perhaps the bedrock association that makes the economic system. We are used to aspects like profits and money, even inflation, but those are all symptoms of the ever-changing world surrounding value. Karl Marx understood very well how…


Whose Recovery Is It Anyway?

You may have heard recently about the Transportation Safety Administration’s record for safety measures in airline transportation. The task with which the government agency is charged has become a bit of a joke, with public perception almost of a gang of thieves running a sanctioned-criminal enterprise. The groping and stealing are held back, with apathy…


Rather Than All Efforts Aimed At Making Central Banks More Efficient

Leave it to a self-described socialist to undermine his own argument. Decrying the apparent overabundance of personal hygiene and fashion, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders took to confounding as to how many ways evil capitalism could produce odor-altering products but leave so many so hungry. You don’t necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants…