Rationalizing Betrayal

To illustrate just how badly Monday’s selloff (and yesterday’s late day reversal) seems to have shaken core confidence in the overriding narrative (ALL IS WELL!) you need only view the drastic reversal on what stock prices supposedly mean. With QE’s producing little or no tangible economic benefit, certainly nothing specific with which its proponents can…

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Risk Appears Seriously Wounded

Stocks aren’t quite as immune to financial disruption in the middle of 2015 as they had been previously. The last major, comprehensive selloff was also in tandem with “dollar” disorder back last October 15. This time, the motion was more erosion than “event”; at least until the past week. Just like crude oil, stocks lost…


Global Asset Allocation Update

I am lowering our risk budget this month based on several factors. For the moderate risk investor, the allocation between risk assets and bonds moves to a defensive 40/60 versus the benchmark of 60/40 and last month’s 50/50. Credit spreads have resumed widening as crude oil prices have resumed their downtrend. The downtrend in high…


Rose Colored Glasses

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. Edgar Allan Poe All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power not truth. Friedrich Nietzsche I was walking down the street wearing glasses when the prescription ran out. Steven Wright I think…


Stock Bubble And Its Buyback Genesis Suddenly Vulnerable

Having now passed the anniversary of the “rising dollar”, it is interesting to see the related and continued effects on the stock bubble(s). As should be obvious by now, stock buybacks, funded via corporate bonds and loosely categorized C&I loans, are responsible for the post-QE3 nearly uninterrupted rise. Repurchases are forming a separate “liquidity” conduit,…

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Janet Yellen, A Bear Late and a ‘Dollar’ Short

For policymakers a sense of timing doesn’t appear to be among the highest qualities demanded. That certainly applies to almost every economic proclamation that has come out of any central bank globally, as they both fail to ever see forming recession and always proclaim recoveries that don’t happen to exist. It’s not just a matter…


Unextrapolating Bubble Expectations

No inflection is ever expected in the real economy since everything is always extrapolated in straight lines by orthodox economists using econometrics. Similar interpretations are being used in stocks, and not just in the “earnings recession” that is already declared “unexpected.” In terms of share prices, there is little doubt about what is holding up…


If Sentiment Were A Currency

The ECB having announced and then implemented at least some kind of QE plan, the entire economist community has adjusted their economic projections upward in uniform, flocking fashion. They haven’t had to make much of an adjustment because they never downgraded economic expectations much to begin with. That is why almost every news story about…


Economy and Stocks

It is often very easy to fixate on the S&P 500 as if it were the only current proxy of the broad universe of stocks. Like the Dow Jones Industrial Average before it, the 500 has attained synonymy with stocks as it is the most widely publicized and recognized value. But just like the DJIA,…


Only Stocks Are Left Minding The ‘Recovery’

If I had to define the recovery period that developed after the trough in the Great Recession, it would have ended sometime in the middle of 2011. Up to that point, there was almost a uniform behavior in financial and even economic accounts (though, on the economic side, there was much left to be desired)….