Clients choose Alhambra Investments based on our understanding of the global risk environment. Our philosophy is to safeguard against major losses and to use the best investment strategies to grow wealth. When driven by insightful research, we believe an asset allocation process delivers superior risk-adjusted returns. Momentum and value-based investment strategies can deliver strong performance as well. What strategy do we favor? Simply put, we favor our clients, rather than being dedicated to any one approach. So we often use all three.

We will create an Alhambra Account Strategy for you that typically leverages our Alhambra, Archer and Pathfinder Portfolios. Your risk profile, combined with our research of the global risk environment, drives the diversified allocations in our Alhambra Portfolio. Our Archer Portfolio uses a value-screen to target select stocks we expect to deliver superior returns. Our Pathfinder Portfolio is a trend-following or momentum-based system that seeks to put you in the best performing part of the financial market. Combined together, under a unifying account strategy, we think it’s the smartest way to invest.