Alhambra's portfolios are designed to work together to help you achieve your financial goals. It all starts with an intelligent strategic plan, The Fortress Portfolio, which forms the foundation of our client portfolios. This portfolio was designed to protect and grow wealth in all types of economic and market environments. The full story of the Fortress Portfolio can be read here.  

The Alhambra Portfolio builds upon the Fortress Portfolio framework using prudent tactical tools. These dynamic portfolios, a product of years of research and our continuing market analysis, use macroeconomic and other indicators to optimize current asset allocation. 

Our Pathfinder Portfolios seek the best path to strong near-term performance using momentum and trend following techniques. 

The Archer Portfolios target superior long-term performance using proprietary stock-picking methodologies.

The Pathfinder & Archer Portfolios are used to refine the investments held in the Alhambra Portfolio.

We use these portfolio building blocks along with the information gathered in the financial planning process to build custom portfolios for our clients.