The towering walls and smartly constructed defenses of the Alhambra Fortress secured the wealth within for centuries. Similarly, our Alhambra Portfolio is designed to safely grow your wealth over time in a risky world. CEO Joe Calhoun, CIO Jeffrey Snider and the rest of the Alhambra Investments research team focus on identifying market risks and safeguarding the investments. We seek to realize consistent returns by conducting continual research of the global economy. We believe the quality of our research and focus on identifying risks to your investments distinguishes us from other managers. In fact, the quality and quantity of research notes we produce are evidence of that.

Alhambra Portfolios are typically the cornerstone of an Alhambra Account Strategy. Each one is invested in a diversified asset allocation that includes large cap stocks, small cap value stocks, bonds, real estate and commodities. Clients will typically have over three-quarters of their account invested in an Alhambra Portfolio, with the remainder in Archer and Pathfinder Portfolios. Some clients, particularly those investing less than half a million dollars, will have all of their money invested in an Alhambra Portfolio. If you want to grow your money over time and safeguard yourself against the risk of big losses, we think the Alhambra Portfolio is the right choice.

Our dynamic research dictates changing allocations, based on our assessment of market risks. However, Alhambra Portfolios are also customized around your needs. Individual risk profiles and oftentimes financial planning will impact allocations. For example if you are retired, your Alhambra Portfolio may be more conservative and have less exposure to stocks than a younger client would possess. Alhambra Portfolios primarily use exchanged traded funds, but may include individual bonds, such as tax-free municipal bonds (our complementary Archer Portfolios will hold individual stocks). Ultimately, our Alhambra Portfolio is the process whereby we translate our research and analysis of the global economy into an investment strategy that is then customized for each client.

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