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Monthly Macro Monitor – October 2018

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Stocks have stumbled into October with the S&P 500 down about 6% as I write this. The source of equity investors' angst is always hard to pinpoint and this is no exception but this correction doesn't seem to be due to concerns about economic growth. At least not directly. The most common explanation for the [...]

Eurodollar University Toronto; Hierarchy, Money, and Consequences

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Eleven years apparently isn't near enough. For the occasion of yet another year passing since August 9, 2007, and nothing much having been done about it, in partnership with MacroVoices I published a second series of Eurodollar University. Whereas Season One focused on the history and buildup of shadow money, where it came from and [...]

Global Asset Allocation Update – September 2018

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The risk budget is unchanged again this month. For the moderate risk investor, the allocation between bonds and risk assets is 50/50. Decoupling anyone? That’s what the market is whispering right now, that the recent troubles in foreign economies is contained and won’t affect the US. The most obvious example of that trend is the [...]

Monthly Macro Monitor – August 2018

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The Q2 GDP report (+4.1% from the previous quarter, annualized) was heralded by the administration as a great achievement and certainly putting a 4 handle on quarter to quarter growth has been rare this cycle, if not unheard of (Q4 '09, Q4 '11, Q2 & Q3 '14). But looking at the GDP change year over [...]

Welcome To Our New Design

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The global economy may not be getting any better, but at Alhambra we strive to anyway. Unlike worldwide eurodollar liquidity, we aim to actually improve over time. In our ongoing effort to make things easier and cleaner for our readers and future clients, our website has been restructured and reformatted. Everything else will remain the [...]