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You are unique—different from billions of others.

No one has billions of great investment ideas, but we have a few best ones.

How do we balance the two?

It’s a classic investment dilemma similar to the choice between diversification or concentration. A fund manager might say concentrate on the best ideas—that the best approach is to have one clearly superior investment strategy involving their very best ideas that every client receives, regardless of needs. The broker might say to focus on the need for diverse approaches—that the best approach is for each account to be different, customized to individual needs. The differences between a young investor and a retiree are so great as to necessitate completely different approaches.

We think that like much in life the truth lies somewhere between the extremes. Your investment strategy should reflect your unique situation. In that sense, you should be different than many of our other clients. But your strategy should incorporate our best investment ideas. In that sense, you should be like many of our clients. Your Alhambra Account Strategy seeks a balanced approach that concentrates on our best ideas, but also modifies the implementation of those ideas in accordance with your unique needs. To do so we leverage our portfolio family of the Fortress, Alhambra, Archer and Pathfinder Portfolios.

As an investment manager, we are responsible for creating the best investment strategy we can for you. We charge a simple annual fee, and unlike a broker, we don’t earn commissions on trades whether they work or not. Our incentive is for you to do well, and your account to grow. Although we manage your funds, we don’t hold them. Instead, we work with well-respected custodians, like Fidelity, Schwab, TDAmeritrade and Folio. You pick the custodian you want your accounts to be held at. You have full access to your account and can part ways with us whenever you want. Our process for managing your accounts is transparent and straight forward, as is our fee schedule. The only real complexity on fees is that for accounts over $3 million and also very conservative bond-heavy accounts, we many offer even lower fees.

So, send us an email. We will answer your email questions and setup a call, so we can listen and learn about your needs on your terms. We will answer your questions and then provide you with a recommendation or even a formal strategy proposal, based on our conversations. We believe in partnering with our clients and for us, that partnership begins with our first communication. We enjoy talking to investors, and we are genuinely interested in helping people secure the prosperity they work so hard to achieve. Getting to know us and us you, is the most important part of those exchanges. There is only so much you can learn on a website, so we hope you will get to know us personally by reaching out to us.

So, please go ahead and send us an email, so we can learn about each other, or if you are interested in reading more about our investment process, click here…

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