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China Prices Include Lots of Base Effect, Still Undershoots

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By far, the easiest to answer for today’s inflation/boom trifecta is China’s CPI. At 2.9% in February 2018, that’s the closest it has come to the government’s definition of price stability (3%) since October 2013. That, in the mainstream, demands the description “hot” if not “sizzling” even though it still undershoots. The primary reason behind [...]

Inflation Correlations and China’s Brief, Disappointing Porcine Nightmare

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Two years ago, China was gripped by what was described as an epic pig problem. For most Chinese people, pork is a main staple so rapidly rising pig prices could have presented a serious challenge to an economy already at that time besieged by massive negative forces. It was another headache officials in that country [...]

Japan Follows Brazil

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Apparently it is time to celebrate inflation, however it might be defined. Inflation is looked on no longer as the bane of central bankers, but their reason to exist.  This is now near universal, as one after another nation is forced by central banks to appeal to debasement as economic salvation.  On the surface, it [...]