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Not Exactly Paradox, Reflation In Oil Deflation In Copper

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The PBOC really needn’t have conducted the last few of its RRR raises. By the time they were in the books, Chinese inflation was already well underway toward being tamed. Though their CPI wouldn’t register for a few more months still, peaking in July 2011, commodities had already turned decidedly downward. Copper went first, hitting [...]

If Sentiment Were A Currency

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The ECB having announced and then implemented at least some kind of QE plan, the entire economist community has adjusted their economic projections upward in uniform, flocking fashion. They haven’t had to make much of an adjustment because they never downgraded economic expectations much to begin with. That is why almost every news story about [...]

Funding vs. Funding

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For the fourth consecutive trading session, repo rates remain in an elevated state though there isn’t any obvious reason they are doing so. GC rates in all three classes were essentially unchanged from Monday, which leaves them unfamiliar with repo mechanics that existed prior to March 25. There was a sharp surge up to just [...]